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Pick Up Orders

We will continue to offer pick-up orders in 2021.


Order online (or by phone) and you don't even need to get out of your vehicle when you get to the Jungle!

You can see all of our current products here, or look at the list at the bottom of this page.

Fill out the form below (or by hand) to place an order for flowers, and we'll get it ready for you. We'll call you to confirm your order, let you know the total and let you know when it's ready. Payments can be done via PayPal ahead of time OR with card or cash upon arrival at the Jungle.

When you get here, we'll bring the flowers to your vehicle and load them for you - no need to even get out! If you order hanging baskets, we'll have a display of baskets for you to point and pick your favorite out since there is such a wide variety of looks and styles.

Customers are now welcome in the greenhouses, but pick up orders are an option if you prefer to pick. up rather than browse in-person.

Once again, we want to thank you for continuing to support our small business! This is new for us too, please bare with us while we work out any kinks in the process.

Prefer to call in your order?


(720) 939-4414

Prefer to fill forms by hand?

Prices are based on the container size

Order Pick-Up Form

Please include the flower/plant name and color (if applicable) followed by the quantity you need. Please list all the flowers you're ordering in this field - you can separate items with a comma, dash or period.

Thanks for your order. We will contact you shortly.



Many, many happy plants waiting to go home with you!  This list is most of what we have on hand. If you are looking for something not on this list, please call us to see if we have it this year!

  • Hanging Baskets 10" 

  • Hanging Baskets 12"

  • Bedding Flowers & Plants (sun, shade and everything in between)

    • Angelonia Serenita Purple

    • Begonia Doublet Rose

    • Begonia Top Hat Pink Green Leaf

    • Begonia Valentine Scarlet

    • Calibrachoa Aloha Blue Sky

    • Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Tiki Soft Pink

    • Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Yellow

    • Calibrachoa Aloha Nani Pink

    • Calibrachoa Aloha Tiki Orange

    • Calibrachoa Bloomtastic Pink Flare

    • Calibrachoa Cabrio Yellow

    • Calibrachoa Calipetite Pink

    • Calibrachoa Callie Light Blue

    • Calibrachoa Callie Sky Blue

    • Calibrachoa Callie White

    • Calibrachoa Callie Yellow

    • Calibrachoa Chameleon Lemon Berry

    • Calibrachoa Chameleon Pink Passion

    • Calibrachoa Double Mix

    • Calibrachoa Hula Gold

    • Calibrachoa Million Bells Trailing Red

    • Calibrachoa Million Bells Trailing Blue

    • Calibrachoa Minifamous Neo Dark Blue

    • Calibrachoa Minifamous Uno Double Blue

    • Calibrachoa Minifamous Uno Pink Star

    • Calibrachoa Minifamous Uno Violet Star

    • Calibrachoa Noa Papaya

    • Calibrachoa Noa Snow

    • Calibrachoa Unique Hot Pink

    • Calibrachoa Unique White

    • Canna Cannova Orange Bronze Leaf

    • Canna Cannova Red Shades

    • Canna Cannova Yellow

    • Canna Cannova South Pacific Scarlet

    • Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Coral

    • Celosia Sparks Mix

    • Coleus Kong Rose

    • Coleus Main Street Riverwalk

    • Coleus Mystery

    • Coleus Premium Sun Chocolate Covered Cherry

    • Confetti Garden Duo Marvelous Orchid

    • Confetti Garden Duo Surprise Twist

    • Confetti Garden Multi Aria

    • Confetti Garden Trio Glossy Grape

    • Confetti Garden Trio Hawaiian Orchid

    • Confetti Garden Trio Liberty

    • Confetti Garden Trio That’s Amore

    • Confetti Garden Trio Cupcake Party

    • Confetti Garden Trio Hawaiian Country

    • Confetti Garden Trio Hawaiian Hilo

    • Confetti Garden Trio Pumpkin Spice

    • Cordyline Red Sensation

    • Coreopsis Sunkiss

    • Dahlia Hypnotica Tequila Sunrise

    • Delosperma Rock Crystal Pink

    • Dianthus Ideal Select White

    • Dianthus Ideal Select White Fire

    • Dianthus Supra Purple

    • Dianthus Supra Red

    • Dianthus Telstar Mix

    • Dipladenia Madinia Deep Red

    • Echinacea Powwow White

    • Gaura Steffi Blush Pink

    • Gazania Big Kiss Mix

    • Gazania Big Kiss Orange

    • Geranium Calliope Large Dark Red

    • Geranium Ivy League Red

    • Geranium Savanah White Splash

    • Geranium Tango Rose Splash

    • Geranium Calliope Deep Rose

    • Gerbera Daisy Majorette Yellow

    • Gerbera Daisy Mega Revolution Orange Eye

    • Gerbera Daisy Sweet Honey

    • Gompherena Ping Pong Purple

    • Grass Colorgrass Juncus Twister

    • Hypoestes Splash Select Mix

    • Impatiens Harmony Deep Red

    • Impatiens Petticoat White

    • Ipomoea Blackie

    • Ipomoea Bright Ideas Lime

    • Ipomoea Marguerite

    • Kwik Kombo Beach Bum

    • Kwik Kombo Surfer Chick

    • Lobelia Magadi Compact Blue

    • Lobelia Regatta Sapphire

    • Mandevilla Bella Grande Pink

    • Marigold Taishan Orange

    • Marigold Taishan Yellow

    • Nasturtium Jewel Mix

    • Osteospermum Summer Smile Magenta

    • Pansy Delta Premium White Blotch

    • Pansy Mixed (SOLD OUT)

    • Petunia Graffiti 20/20 True Pink

    • Petunia Graffiti Red Velvet

    • Petunia Amore Fiesta

    • Petunia Amore Purple

    • Petunia Amore Queen Of Hearts

    • Petunia Carpet Lilac

    • Petunia Dekko Shortcake Blueberry

    • Petunia Dreams Burgundy

    • Petunia Dreams Burgundy Picotee

    • Petunia Dreams Neon Rose

    • Petunia Dreams Rose

    • Petunia Dreams White (SOLD OUT)

    • Petunia Easy Wave Blue

    • Petunia Easy Wave Pink

    • Petunia Easy Wave Plum Vein

    • Petunia Easy Wave Red Velour

    • Petunia Easy Wave Violet (SOLD OUT)

    • Petunia Headliner Night Sky

    • Petunia Madness Orchid

    • Petunia Madness Rose Morn

    • Petunia Picobella Cascade

    • Petunia Picobella Cascade Red

    • Petunia Pretty Flora Midnight

    • Petunia Sanguna Deep Lavender Vein

    • Petunia Sanguna White

    • Phlox Popstar Blue

    • Portulaca Happy Hour Mix

    • Portulaca Pazazz Orange Flare

    • Portulaca Sundial Tangerine

    • Portulaca Sundial Yellow

    • Purslane Toucan Scarlet Shades

    • Scaevola Surdiva Blue Violet

    • Scaevola Surdiva White

    • Spike Dracena Green

    • Spike Red Star

    • Spike Red Sensation

    • Torenia Kauai Deep Blue

    • Torenia Kauai Lemon Drop

    • Torenia Kauai Magenta

    • Trixi Combo Charged Up Cherry

    • Trixi Combo On The Double

    • Trixi Combo Salt Water Taffy

    • Trixi Liner Double Date

    • Verbena Tuscany Mix

  • Vegetables

    • Pepper Better Belle

    • Pepper Jalapeno

    • Tomato Early Girl

    • Tomato Roma

    • Tomato Supersweet

  • Ceramic Planters Variety

  • Potting Soil Professional Mix

  • Potting Soil Berger

  • Standing Pots 12" and larger

  • Decorative Planters Variety

  • Garden Decor Variety

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